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PE Department: Goals and Objectives


Increase fitness levels in students through a well-balanced, standards-based curriculum that emphasizes all forms of fitness, with the understanding that improved fitness levels is positively correlated with elevated academic performance.
a. Promote fitness in all its forms [cognitive, affective, psychomotor] among all TRUSD students, including modeling fitness as an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
b. Develop and maintain a student-centered, well-balanced curriculum which is standards-based and activity- and participation-focused.
c. Encourage development of motor skill competence among students.
d. Promote the use of a wide variety of assessment strategies for learners of all ability levels. 
e. Enhance student learning of “individual responsibility” and effective “group membership skills.”


So What Else is New? Academic Achievement in ELA and Math Linked to Fitness Levels

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...proving a positive link between fitness levels and high-stakes test scores.

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